Saturday, October 2, 2021

Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

LED lighting technology provide the most energy-efficient lighting; that great feature makes wireless under cabinet LED kitchen lighting is one of the available options for kitchen under cabinet lighting. A major type of wireless lighting is the battery-powered LED under cabinet lighting that can be installed to illuminate areas that have limited access or no access to electricity and also if you simply don’t want to pass through the problem of wiring.

Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

There is no better solution than wireless LED under cabinet lighting, without attempting any electrical work, you just simply need to peel and stick or drill and mount the LED units. Battery-powered under cabinet lighting can be efficiently operated for longer times than the other light sources.

Wireless under counter lighting has real advantages that make them a good solution for the kitchen specific areas or personal requirements, but they also have some disadvantages, we are going to discuss both the advantages and drawbacks.

Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Advantages

  • Very low power consumption, as they are LED, they save energy.
  • No wires are required, that is the main advantage of these lights which provides a simple and clean installation process.
  • Simple to be mounted, they are a compact light fixture, so they can easily mount with tape alone, you just need to peel and stick.
  • Inside cabinet lighting, because you don’t need to drill holes through your cabinet walls, wireless kitchen under cabinet lighting is a perfect solution to illuminate the counter in case you don’t have permission to drill through them.
  • Wireless lights are the perfect option in case of a power outage, they can also be used as emergency lighting.

Battery Powered LED Light Strips Disadvantages

  • Limited battery life, you will need to exchange the batteries after a limited time that depend on your usage time.
  • Tap mount may not suffice, to prevent the falling of the light fixture from the cabinet wall, It is recommended to fix the lights to the cabinet or follow the manufacturer's instructions to prevent this.
To extend your battery life, you can go for wireless under cabinet lighting that includes the motion detection feature. The motion detection sensors ensure that the wireless lights only on when they are needed
Wireless LED Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Types

Wireless under cabinet lighting comes in a variety of shapes, they come in a Bar LED type or puck LED type, which is available in main-voltage or battery-powered LED light strips. And also with many available features such as motion sensor feature and remote control feature. You can choose them according to your needs, and we recommend the motion activated kitchen wireless under cabinet lighting to extend your battery lifetime.