Saturday, October 2, 2021

LED Puck Lights for Kitchen

LED Puck lights are individual light units that resemble a hockey puck in both shape and dimensions. LED puck lights for the kitchen under cabinet can provide aesthetic and functional lighting in your kitchen. They are becoming very popular for lighting kitchen under cabinets because they are very easy to install compared with the available other types of lighting. They are available in different wattage, styles, and finishes, like white, black, nickel, and silver. That gives you more flexibility in choosing what fits your needs.

BEST LED Puck Lights for Kitchen and under cabinet in 2017

LED Puck Lights for Kitchen

LED puck lights have all the LED technology advantages such as they are energy-efficient, durable, long life, low profile, compact, have a wide range of color temperatures and generate a very low heat compared to halogen, and xenon puck lights. Also, they have a small size and low height allowing you to hide them under the cabinets easily.

LED puck lights, come in individual light units, which makes them highly versatile and gives you flexibility and control to choose both the number of the LED puck lights and the placement locations under the cabinets in your kitchen.

LED Puck Lighting Types

LED puck lights for kitchen are available in two types:
Wired LED puck lights: are usually a wired low voltage light unit, which makes them represent a safer option, and they are beautifully bright and come with a wide range of color temperatures so, you have the advantage to choose the color that fits you.

Wireless LED puck lights: are a cordless LED light unit with low voltage battery driven. So they give immediate lighting solutions without the need for any wire connections.

LED Puck Lights Control Options
As puck lights come in wired and wireless types, they can also come with motion detectors and may come with a remote control unit, such options help in extending the battery life; in the case of using a battery operated LED puck units by controlling the operation of switching lights on and off. There is also another option that is included in some puck lights to do this operation by touching the LED puck light unit.

LED Puck Lights Installation

The installation of puck lights is very simple. Usually, sticky tape can be all you need; they don't require drilling, and in the case of wireless you don’t need any wire connection. If you want to avoid the time and cost of hardwired installation, go to plugin puck lights instead, which have the disadvantage of wires being visible.

When planning LED under cabinet puck lighting you have to space them under your cabinet properly. That is because of the puck lights shape, which creates spots of light on the counter surface and may lead to creating a nonuniform light with varying intensities and you can see gaps in illumination under your cabinet if you don’t space them correctly, or it may require installing quite a few of them.

As you see LED puck lights, represent an important category of LED under cabinet lighting, that has multiple good options, which help in getting good kitchen lighting.