Tuesday, June 20, 2017

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED under cabinet lighting is the best way to create free of shadow lighting for kitchen counter tops and work areas, to do your tasks safely and increase the functional level of your kitchen. Here we talk about LED under cabinet lighting as kitchen countertop is one of the most critical zones you should consider when planning your LED kitchen lighting.

LED under cabinet lighting

Today, under cabinet LED lighting becomes more popular, you can use it to get the ideal under cabinet lighting that rocks. Since it uses the new LED technology, which eliminates most of the traditional light source problems. Under counter LED lighting is recommended for new kitchens as well as when you make a simple update to your kitchen cabinet lighting.

Many years ago, traditional light sources like Halogen and Xenon were used for under counter lighting. But they have many critical problems such as their short life; you have to replace them frequently, consume a lot of energy and generate a lot of heat, which affect the working area, and you can’t touch it, not a low profile for under counter lighting. Fluorescent lights, solve some of the traditional lighting problems, but they don’t show all colors correctly that may make your working uncomfortably. Beside that CFLs contain a dangerous material “ Mercury .”

Unlike traditional lights, LEDs are durable, energy efficient, come in a wide range of color temperatures, no heat generated, present the most low-profile option that is ideal for under cabinet lighting. LED under cabinet lighting, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, rigid and flexible, which make them the perfect lighting option that gives you the flexibility to choose what fit your kitchen cabinet and working area dimension.

LED under cabinet lighting options

Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights

These lighting units look like the hockey puck in shape and contain LED bulbs. They come in different styles, different output light intensity, and in many colors and finishes, such as nickel and stainless steel. Because they are easy to install, LED puck lights are very attractive. They are available in both wireless and direct wire units. To get the best of these lights you have to install a number of them depending on the area of the surface of the working space, spacing them well is the most important point you should consider.

Some LED puck lights come with impressive options such as motion detectors, and other are touch operated, these great options will save more energy, which is recommended especially for the wireless units to extend the battery life.

LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet

LED Strip configured from a chain of very small LED bulbs mounted on thin and flexible tape, which produce an even light. It is ideal for under cabinet lighting since it provides the most available low profile light and operates with low voltage, which gives more safety. LED Strip lights come in a variety of output light intensity. They also come in single color or multi-color so; they are also perfect for decoration purpose.

Under Cabinet LED Bar Lights

LED bar lights are rigid LED Strip lights that come in several finishes and backside materials like aluminum or printed board. For kitchen try to get the waterproof LED units to provide the safety option.

Under Counter LED Lighting wiring

Direct wire installation: you need to run the wires through your walls, or you can use plug in LED lights. This installation method also called hard wire and is the most dependable and is more popular.

Wireless under cabinet lighting: wireless LED lighting units are battery operated units that have no cords. That gives you instant lighting, is very simple to be installed, but you have to change the battery from time to another depending on your usage.

With LED under cabinet lighting, your kitchen will be enhanced by both the function and the appearance, LED bright glow will make your kitchen more attractive and inviting. Not only that you will have cooler and safer working area.