Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Where to Place Recessed Lighting?

Unlike the other lighting options recessed lighting fixtures have the advantage to hide within the ceiling giving a modern, clean look for the room, but where to place recessed lights? Here we discuss where to use recessed lighting in your home.

Recessed Lighting Layout in Modern Homes

where to place recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the best solutions for ambient lighting; with recessed lighting you can get the most uniform lighting layout. Recessed lights versatility, and minimalist appearance make them a perfect for almost all the lighting layers. In general they represent a perfect solution for low ceiling rooms or spaces.

Where to Place Recessed Lighting in Kitchen?

In modern kitchen rooms, recessed lighting is a popular lighting option, they can be used in almost all the lighting layers. Recessed lights can be used for ceiling lighting, almost everywhere in the kitchen and for task lighting they are perfect. Here are some kitchen places where you can use recessed lighting:
  • As task lighting to light counter tops and island bars.
  • As task lighting over sinks.
  • In areas of circulation such as walkways.
  • In the space between the island and kitchen sink.
  • To highlight stove tops as accent lighting.
  • To highlight other details for visual interest as soft ambient lighting.

Also recessed lighting is a common option when replacing old kitchen soffit lighting.

Where to Place Recessed Lighting in Bathroom?

The bathroom should be bright and clean, so general and task lighting is the most important light layers for this room. You can use recessed lights in the ceiling for general lighting. For bathroom tasks you can use recessed lighting to light the vanity area, shower and tub area you have to think about safety and the minimalist appearance, so you can try the wet-location rated recessed lighting.

Where to Place Recessed Lighting in Bedroom?

Usually bedrooms don’t need too much lighting, only few can lights with task and accent lighting may be enough. It is recommended to use dimmer switches to control the lighting level.
  • Few recessed lights for general lighting.
  • To highlight a picture or artwork.
  • Bedroom wall washing to create a visual effect.
  • Check out the Bedroom recessed lighting layout.

Where to Place Recessed Lighting in living room?

Family (Living) room is the room where most of the family spends most of the time and engage in an array of activities like, reading, making conversation, and watching TV. Recessed lights can be used for the general, task, and accent lighting layers
  • For ceiling lighting to provide general lighting.
  • Wall washing to provide ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting such as reading chair.
  • Highlight an architectural element, such as a fireplace or bookcase, or artwork.
  • Check out family room recessed lighting layout.

You should consider recessed lighting fixtures when choosing the light fixtures in a room in the home as a good alternative for other lighting options, which take up a space and makes the room looks disorderly. Recessed lights can also use for illuminating hallways, and moreover, closet is also another place where recessed lights can be used.