Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Types of Recessed Lighting Fixtures

What is recessed lighting and what are the types of recessed lighting? Are basic things you should know if you are going to install recessed lights. There are many recessed lighting fixtures available in the market, so you need to choose the right type that works with your room or space according to the nature and the function of the place you want to light.

types of recessed lighting

What is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is a popular modern lighting option allows uniform lighting distribution. Recessed lights hide within the ceiling provide a clean ceiling look and is a perfect solution for low ceilings and can be used in kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, and soffit lighting. Recessed lights also called Downlights, pot lights, can lights. They consist of three components; housing, trim, and bulb.

Types of Recessed Lighting

To choose the right recessed light fixture you should know the types of recessed lighting fixtures. The recessed lighting fixture is formed from three main component the housing, the trim, and the bulb.

Types of Recessed Lighting Housing

The housing is a part of the recessed light fixture, which placed within the ceiling and contain the electrical connections, the bulb and holds the trim. There are many housing types to fit the different ceiling types and the environment of the place you want to light.

New construction housing: this type is used when the ceiling joists are accessible, usually in new homes before the installation of the ceiling.

Remodel Housings: used in case of the existence of the ceiling, and there is no chance to reach the ceiling joists. In this type of installation the ceiling drilled to place the housing with the aid of the housing clips.

IC Rated Housings: IC means Insulation Contact, housings which used when there is a probability of contact between the housing and the ceiling insulation.

Non IC Housings: Non Insulation Contact housing types are used when there is no contact (minimum 3 inches) between the housing and the insulation.

Airtight housing: used when placing recessed lights in a room on the top level of your house to prevent cooled and heated airflow in your home from escaping through the light fixture into the attic.

Low profile housing: is used in shallow ceilings where standard recessed light housing can’t be installed.

Types of Recessed Lighting Trim

The recessed lighting trims represent the visible outer ring of the fixture and is preferable to be selected to achieve the lighting function and match the room style.

Reflector Trim: this trim type uses a reflector to increase the recessed fixture output light diffusion, is recommended for higher ceilings.

Baffles Trim: are widely used recessed lighting trim and has a ribbed interior reflector to diffuse the light.

Wall wash trims: has the ability to direct the output light to the wall with any required angle and is recommended to be used with wall washing technique.

Adjustable Trim: also called Eyeball Trim, this type can be adjusted to reflect the light with a specific angle.

Shower Trim: is a wet-rated trim that can protect the inner of the recessed light fixture from humidity and should be used in high moisture areas such as shower and bathrooms.

Recessed lighting trims come in a variety of colors and styles that allow you to choose what match your room d├ęcor and style.

Types of Recessed Lighting Bulbs

Recessed lighting bulbs should be chosen well, there are many types of recessed lighting bulbs you can choose from. LED and halogen bulbs are widely used with recessed fixtures, Lumens and color temperature are important factors you have to care about. Check out recessed lighting bulbs to know the features of each bulb type and how to choose the color temperature for every room in your home.