Monday, May 1, 2017

Wall Wash Recessed Lighting

Washing walls with light is an amazing way to create a visual effect in virtually any room. When you think about wall wash recessed lighting, the main things you should consider is the wall washer distance from the wall, the distance between wall wash recessed light fixtures and off course the best-recessed trim that you can use. All these are discussed here with ideas and tips to get the right wall wash lighting layout and placement.

wall wash recessed lighting layout

The wall washing technique is used to highlight the architectural details by washing the wall by spreading the light out uniformly over the wall surface using a special wall wash recessed trims, that makes the room appear larger by creating a visual expansion effect. Recessed lights are ideal for wall washing, specially if the recessed lighting wall washer trims are used.

Wall Washer Distance from Wall

What is the wall washer distance from the wall? A frequently asked question that represents one of the main elements in wall washers’ placement. Before answering that let's identify the wall wash recessed lighting trims, which are specially designed recessed lighting trims with a directional reflector to direct the light towards the wall. There are also adjustable trim recessed wall washers which can be used for better results, and can be used in rooms with  the sloped ceiling, but in some cases it is recommended to use sloped ceiling trims. Back to answer the question, the distance depends on the ceiling height of the room, the rule of thumb is to install the wall washer fixtures away from the wall by 1/3 the ceiling height.

Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Placement

Wall wash recessed lighting placement is the important factor to get the best lighting result which brings pleasing to the eye. The right wall wash light placement depends on many factors such as the distance between the wall washer lights and the wall ( how far from the wall ), this distance specifies the angle at which the light fall on the wall. The distance between the wall wash recessed lighting fixtures is another important factor that determines where the washers beam angles intersect. The recessed light placement formula for wall washers is the distance between the recessed light wall washers and the wall is the same as the distance between wall washer fixtures and is equal to 1/3 of the ceiling height.