Thursday, June 1, 2017

Living Room Recessed Lighting Layout

Recessed lighting is recommended for the living room in modern homes. The living room is the room where the family spends most of the time and is related to many activities such as watching TV, playing and conversations. Recessed lighting has the ability to provide a clean, modern look when installed in the living room ceiling. It hides within the ceiling except the trim, which can enhance the room decor if well chosen. A well-designed living room recessed lighting layout can makes you feel more comfortable.

living room Recessed Lighting Layout

How to Layout Living Room Recessed Lighting?

When you plan the living room recessed lighting layout, you should determine the room area, take the room shape into account, determine where the activities take place. There are three types of lighting according to the purpose, they are general, task, and accent lighting by mixing them you will get a better recessed lighting layout design.

General lighting is aiming to provide ambient lighting for the whole entire area and makes it usable and comfortable. You have to evaluate the area of the living room to determine how many recessed lights the room needs, then choose the suitable recessed lighting layout that can provide a uniform lighting according to the room shape.

Task lighting is used to light specific areas in the living room or surfaces where activities were done, such as reading, desk, or couch.

Accent lighting is lighting that is used to focus on a certain feature or architectural elements in a living room like the artwork on a wall, fireplace, vases of flowers, and books on a shelf or a cabinet.

Living Room Recessed Lighting Placement

After you decide the living room recessed lighting layout you need to know the areas and surfaces where activates takes place, and the object will be highlighted, now you need to do calculations to get recessed lighting placement for the living room. The below posts will help you to place recessed lights in the right locations.

For living rooms with small areas start with planning accent and task lighting, then check if additional lighting is needed. Sometimes the combination of the accent and task lighting may be sufficient.

Living Room Recessed Lighting Layout Ideas and Tips

  • Recessed lights available in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, choose recessed lighting trim color that matches your ceiling color and enhance your. Most of the recessed light trims have a modern look, but some recessed trims are suitable for traditional homes.

  • Dimmer switches can be used to adjust the room lighting brightness and mood and represent a good energy efficient option and help increase light bulb's lifetime.

  • Divide the living room recessed lights to zones and control each zone light with a separate switch, so you can light the needed area while the others are off.

  • The paint color is an important lighting factor; lighter paint colors make you feel lighter than darker colors.

  • You can wash the living room walls with light using wall washer recessed lighting is a good way to get dramatic soft light.