Thursday, August 31, 2017

LED Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips

LED kitchen lighting begins to be the most used type of lighting to light kitchen rooms. When designing kitchen lighting layout, you should take care with each area where tasks take place. Besides the general lighting, which provides a uniform lighting layer for the kitchen room entire area, kitchen task lighting is very important to supply lighting requirements for areas like counter tops, the island, cabinets, the sink, and the cooker.

LED kitchen lighting

LED lighting offers several advantages against the traditional lighting types Xenon, halogen, and fluorescent lighting, they are more durable, longer lifetime, better color quality, rugged, and present a very low profile such as strip lights. When it comes to the electrical energy consumption LED lighting is considered the most energy efficient light source. LED lights are available in many shapes and sizes, which make it easy to find the fixture that fits your kitchen task area dimensions.

LED kitchen lighting produces an unnoticeable temperature, unlike the traditional light sources, that is important for rooms that may have high temperature sources and have a lot of tasks to be done with the light source near the person who prepare the food such as countertop tasks.

LED kitchen lighting options

LED lights will give more flexibility when designing the kitchen lighting layout; LED kitchen lighting is available in many types such as LED strip, puck, track and recessed lighting. The variety of the shapes and sizes make them a perfect choice for lighting kitchens. With LED kitchen lighting the mix between the general, task and even the accent lighting are easier which in turn maximize the kitchen room functionality.

LED Kitchen Lighting Ideas

  • Use LED recessed lights and space them well to get a uniform lighting in the kitchen room entire area, and reduce shadows and glare.
  • If you can’t install recessed lights in the ceiling install LED track lights, try to use adjustable fixtures tracks to get the ability to focus each fixture separately.
  • Use the remodeling kits to replace the old kitchen light bulbs with new LED bulbs.
  • For countertop lighting use LED strip lights, it presents the most low profile option. LED down lights and puck lights are also available options to light under cabinets.
  • LED pendant lights are a common option to be hanged above the kitchen island, they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors choose what fits your decor and style.
  • Use strip lights to highlight the kitchen toekiks, it will provide a perfect visual effect.
  • Kitchen soffit lighting is a better way to add an interior visual appearance, you can use strip lights, try to choose amazing colors.
  • You can add LED spotlight or recessed light to focus on an object such as a picture or artwork, you can also use strip lights to highlight the flowers.
  • Cabinet shelves and drawers are good places to highlight with strip LED lights.
  • Read more modern LED kitchen lighting ideas.

Best Recessed Lighting for Kitchen

For general lighting or kitchen ceiling, LED recessed lighting is the most popular option, also you can try the LED track lighting if your ceiling are not suitable for recessed lighting or you like the style. LED pendant lights are popular for lighting the island.

For task lighting, recessed lights can do the job with many other LED kitchen lighting options such as puck and strip lights.