Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Placement

Recessed lighting is a great option for bathroom lighting. Recessed lighting offers a clean look and has the lowest profile lighting option, since it disappear into the ceiling. Here we are going to focus on bathroom recessed lighting placement as a way to provides a uniform lighting distribution and come in a variety of colors and styles that allow the light fixtures to be matched with any bathroom design and decor. Water proof, shower rated recessed lighting represents the perfect choice for lighting a bathroom because they are designed to resist high level of humidity.

bathroom recessed lighting layout

We will discuss bathroom recessed lighting layout and placement with ideas and tips to design the perfect recessed lighting layout. When you attempt to design a bathroom recessed lighting layout you have to mix between general and task lighting layers so, you have to determine where tasks take place.

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Placement Locations

Bathroom General lighting

Is the lighting layer that will provide an even light in the room overall area. Bathroom lighting layout should be adequate and uniformly distributed.
For bathroom recessed lighting placement calculations, check out the links below.

Bathroom task lighting
Task lighting aim to provide a good light level for activities and tasks to take place comfortably, bathroom has many tasks such as showering, applying makeup, and shaving. The task lighting should be planned well and trying as possible to eliminate or reduce shadows and glare.

Recessed lights are perfect for bathroom task lighting since, their parts hide within the ceiling and increase the overhead space.
Where to place recessed lights in the bathroom:
  • Above the shower, use shower rated recessed light.
  • Around the vanity, use eyeball recessed lighting to reduce glare.
  • Around the tub.

Bathroom accent lighting
This is an optional lighting layer aim to make a visual interest to a specific object such as an artwork or a picture by applying targeted light over the object.

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Layout Tips

  • Use the zone concept to group to control each lighting layer separately so, you can use the room for the needed purpose and save energy.
  • For small bathrooms use a dimmer switch to control the light, the higher for task and lower for general lighting.
  • For bathroom always use waterproof rated recessed light units.