Sunday, July 5, 2020

Recessed Lighting Layout Guide

Recessed Lighting Layout
To add recessed lighting to a room or an area of your home, you need to decide on the suitable recessed lighting layout. Recessed lighting layout should be based on the concept of lighting layering. There are three main lighting layers that represent three different needs for lighting in an area or a room, these lighting layers are General, Task, and Accent Lighting.

Try to mix between the lighting layers when attempting to layout recessed lighting in a room to get the most function of the room, sometimes you need to use the room for general purpose and other times uses it to do tasks or use it for both purposes.

General Recessed Lighting Layout

General recessed lighting layout aim to provide a uniform lighting to the room. Every room in a home need general lighting as the basic lighting layer. In this layer, the recessed lighting looks structured across the ceiling, based on the room itself, irrespective of the furniture or anything else.

You can check some of the commonly used recessed lighting layouts according to how many recessed lights are planned to be used in the below video.

Task Recessed Lighting Layout

Task lighting used to provide lighting in the important areas and working surfaces, such as kitchen under cabinet and around the kitchen perimeter. This type of lighting is required for kitchens and bathrooms more than any other room. The purpose of the task recessed lighting is only to maximize the area functionality and layout directly overhead to eliminate shadows. Adjustable recessed lighting may be useful to be used to allow more flexibility to the design.

Below is a simple kitchen recessed lighting layout that shows both general and task lighting.

Task and general Recessed Lighting Layout

Accent Recessed Lighting Layout

Accent recessed lighting layout

Accent recessed lighting layout concern about fashion more than function, recessed lights can be used to draw attention to the room features and highlight many objects such as artwork, pictures, flowers, drapes, statue and fireplace mantles. Recessed lights easily hide within the ceiling, creating a clean look. Recessed accent lighting should highlight the object details, so adjustable recessed lighting trims are recommended for that type of lighting.

Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Layout

Wall wash recessed lighting layout

Wall washing is the way used to highlight the wall surface with uniformly spaced recessed lights layout. Wall wash recessed light trims are recommended, this type of trims is designed to direct and reflect light to bath the wall surface.

The recessed lighting design can be enhanced by control each lighting layer as a separate zone that will give more flexibility. Dimmer switches also give more flexibility when designing the recessed lighting layout and allow to set the light to a more comfortable level.

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