Sunday, December 20, 2015

How Many Recessed Lights Do I Need

How many recessed lights do I need? That is a good question you have to answer when you begin thinking about lighting a room or area with recessed lights. When you determine the number of can lights you need, you can settle on the suitable recessed lighting layout, then you can calculate recessed lighting spacing and locate recessed lighting placement locations. Here we will explain how to calculate the number of recessed lights a room will need in case of using traditional lights or LED lights.

how many recessed lights do i need

Calculate How Many Recessed Lights per Room?

  • First, you have to measure the area of the room or space you plan to light per (ft²) by multiplying the room width by the room length, if you plan to light a large area or an open floor plan, you can divide it to zones and light each zone as a separate room.
  • Calculate the total required watt to light this area by multiplying the area by the average watt/ ft², which is 1.5 watt/ ft² for general lighting and may reach to 3 watt/ ft² for some areas such as kitchens and task lighting applications.
  • Determine how many recessed lights do you need by dividing the total required watt by the watt of the can light bulb, which is planned to be used.

For the higher ceiling rooms (16 feet and above), you need to use brighter lights with a narrower beam angle to direct most of the light beam down to the working surfaces.

How Many Recessed Lights for Kitchen Room

Kitchens like bathrooms and also home offices need brighter lights to allow tasks done well. For kitchen lighting layout you can do that by rising the average watt/ ft² to 2 for general lighting and to 3 for task lighting and follow the calculation method mentioned above to get how many recessed lights you need.

How Many LED Recessed Lights?

LED bulbs became a more popular light source at the last few years. Many people plan to install LED recessed lights and others plan to upgrade to LED lights. So, how many LED recessed lights do they need? When planning the LED recessed lighting layout. The below table will show you the equivalent LED to both incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs.

You should consider the table as guidance only. LED bulbs and lights manufactured by many manufactures and specifications may differ from one to another. You should check the specifications of the LED product you will use to get the exact data.

Traditional Bulbs CFL Bulbs LED Equivalent
40 - 60 12 - 15 5 - 8
60 - 75 15 - 18 8 - 10
75 - 100 18 - 23 10 - 15
100 - 150 23 - 35 15 - 20
150 - 200 35 - 45 20 - 25
*all values are represented in Watt