Saturday, October 2, 2021

LED lighting technology provide the most energy-efficient lighting; that great feature makes wireless under cabinet LED kitchen lighting is one of the available options for kitchen under cabinet lighting. A major type of wireless lighting is the battery-powered LED under cabinet lighting that can be installed to illuminate areas that have limited access or no access to electricity and also if you simply don’t want to pass through the problem of wiring.

LED Puck lights are individual light units that resemble a hockey puck in both shape and dimensions. LED puck lights for the kitchen under cabinet can provide aesthetic and functional lighting in your kitchen. They are becoming very popular for lighting kitchen under cabinets because they are very easy to install compared with the available other types of lighting. They are available in different wattage, styles, and finishes, like white, black, nickel, and silver. That gives you more flexibility in choosing what fits your needs.

Check out the best recessed lighting to buy for every room in your house.

Here we will preview practical examples for recessed lighting spacing and placement calculations based on recessed lighting spacing formulas. And will tell you how to check if the determined recessed lighting placement locations are ready for can lighting installation.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

There are many smart lighting systems that you can control with your smartphone. Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablets can be used to control your home lights with cell phone service like Bluetooth or with home phone service like Wi-Fi. iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad use the Wireless Zigbee lighting protocol to communicate with smart lights. Here we’ll review some of the smart lighting systems and show you the ways to control them.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Recessed Lighting Layout
To add recessed lighting to a room or an area of your home, you need to decide on the suitable recessed lighting layout. Recessed lighting layout should be based on the concept of lighting layering. There are three main lighting layers that represent three different needs for lighting in an area or a room, these lighting layers are General, Task, and Accent Lighting.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

General Recessed Lighting Spacing
Recessed lighting spacing is an important step when planning recessed lighting. After calculating how many recessed lights you need and settle down on the suitable recessed lighting layout. Now it is the time to correctly space recessed lights to eliminate brighter spots and dark areas. The right recessed lighting spacing enhances the lighting distribution in a room or space and improves the final view of the ceiling.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kitchen Recessed Lighting layout
Recessed lighting became a popular lighting source for kitchens in most new homes. Kitchen recessed lighting offers sleek and minimalist appearance, besides it is ideal for kitchen lighting requirements. Choosing the ideal kitchen recessed lighting layout improves the function level of any kitchen and helps kitchen tasks done comfortably.